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The interior of your home should reflect you, your lifestyle and personality.  From the color palette to the furnishings selected, all elements dance together to enhance the whole environment and call you home. We collaborate with you on color selections, finishes, kitchen and bath design, space planning, custom furniture, window treatments and anything else to transform your home into a comfortable place to enjoy life.

Let the design process begin. . .

You Talk, We Listen. . . The first communication is to learn about your needs and concerns and how we can assist you.

Getting to Know You. . . At the first meeting, your goals, budget, scope of project and timeline will be discussed. This complimentary session allows both of us the opportunity to decide if we would work well together.  It is critical that we all feel comfortable with each other.

Seal the Deal. . . A design contract including the scope of the project and fees will be composed and reviewed with you so all are in agreement and ready to proceed.  Your trust in us won’t be taken lightly, but will be the pillar of our process.

What is your style. . . Through our exclusive, fun interviewing method called “Archtyping”, your unique style and personality is captured and examined which determines the design direction of your project.

The Design Begins. . . Design plans including samples, drawings, space plans, pricing and specifications are prepared. When a project dictates the need, an architect, lighting specialist and engineer will be consulted. This process results in a high level of a creative, functional and safe environment.

Designer’s conceptual drawings of master bathroom Designer’s conceptual drawings of tub platform
Designer’s conceptual drawings of master bathroom and tub platform

From these detailed sketches see how the beauty unfolds in the after pictures below.

master bathroom after design process master tub after design process

Presenting the Design Concept. . . We aim to make this a pleasant experience therefore we limit the selections to two or three options.  We encourage you to ask questions and voice concerns and ideas. Weekly meetings are held with you in order that decisions are made in a timely manner.  Each design phase seamlessly flows into the next in a logical manner.

Great Room Before Design Plan
 Great Room Before Design Plan

Design Concept Rendering of Great Room
Design Concept Rendering of Great Room
Greene & Greene style requested by Client

Team Is Drafted. . . Our construction team is assembled.  At least two estimates are procured for your review and approval.  If desired, we will also work with your contractors. . . we are great team players.

Conceptual drawing for Fireplace
Conceptual drawing for Fireplace
Artistic detailed fireplace is aglow
Artistic detailed fireplace is aglow

Let The Work Begin. . . Construction schedule is submitted for your approval.  Respecting your property and lifestyle as well as continually communicating with you is our primary concern.  In this fast paced digital world, we feel making lasting, personal connections with our clients is the key to consistently providing admirable service

Diligent Management. . . We meet with you to discuss the details, monitor the progress, and strive to keep on schedule and budget.  Our pro-active management skills minimize unexpected issues.  Due to our vigilant attention, the design plan is impeccably executed to completion.

Welcome Home. . . Open the door to the grandeur that awaits you.

We hope you enjoy your journey into the world of interior design; and we look forward to being there for you and beside you every step of the way.

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